I don’t believe people fail from lack of having goals. People fail from lack of self-education and execution. I was raised in Brooklyn in a single parent household. I had dreams of being an entertainer, but I had little knowledge of how to make my dreams reality with the limited financial resources available to me. However, I made the decision early on to design my life and not resort to living it by default. 

I knew that gaining more knowledge and developing a strategy would allow me to, eventually, turn my passion into profit— creating the life I longed for. It wasn’t until I invested in personal development and mentorship that I discovered strategies that helped me turn my dream into a real life career.

For over a decade I shared my passion for people through movement as a professional dancer and choreographer to the stars. While maintaining my career in entertainment, I went into business for myself when I was 22. I joined an affiliate marketing company and grew to be one of their top producing earners within a year and a half span. I became a certified regional trainer for the company and did keynotes on the topics of leadership, personal development, relationship marketing, and sales, to name a few. 

After realizing that my journey supplied me with the expertise needed to guide others on their path to fulfillment, I was inspired to help others transform their lives. It was then that I founded my company, Turning Pages. 

Turning Pages aims to help you find your purpose and pursue your passion. I assist in transforming your ideas into action through a strong focus on education, strategizing, and self improvement. The tools and resources I provide have helped me excel in life and are proven to have helped many others. I specialize in giving you the push needed to maximize your own potential by becoming the best version of yourself.